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Service Times Sundays, 8:30, 10 & 11:30am Identical services, 60 minutes each

Worship Team

The Worship Team is an auditioned group of players who rehearse together and provide music on a rotating basis for all of Hope’s church services, as well as other events.

Music is an important part of our church services, and the Worship Team is responsible for helping connect people to God.  The instruments on the Worship Team are mostly made up of guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums, but is open to experienced musicians of all styles and instruments, including rock, classical, and jazz.  The vocalists gifted musicians who enjoy presenting melodies and harmonies with authenticity and excitement.

If you would like to audition, please complete the Arts Interest Form. Our Pastor of Arts and Communications, Brian Cropp, will contact you to arrange for your audition time and answer any questions that you may have. You may also email Brian or call his office at 817.535.5555 x135.

Got questions about the Worship Team?

Who gets involved with the Worship Team?
The people who are involved with the Worship Team are committed to attending Hope Church on a regular basis.  They feel gifted and want to use their talents to serve our church, and they want to help the team succeed in anyway possible, which means being ready and willing to serve wherever needed.  Worship Team members serve primarily at the weekend services.

Do I have to be a member of Hope Church to join?
You do not have to be a member in order to join.  However, by joining the Arts Ministry, it is our hope that you will decide to make the commitment to go through our membership classes this season and officially join the membership of Hope Church.

Will I be asked to play every week?
No.  We try to be very conscious of your schedule.  We create a monthly schedule that you will get in plenty of time so that you can make a sane schedule for your other commitments.

You are required to attend the weekly rehearsal only if you are up that Sunday. Likewise, you are expected to be a regular attender at the Sunday service even if you are not playing.

When are rehearsals and how long do they last?
Rehearsals are on Thursdays @ 7pm.  You will only need to attend rehearsal on the weeks that you are playing. Rehearsals last approximately 2.5 hours depending on what needs to be accomplished.  We usually put together 4-6 songs each week, and it takes some time to get everything just right.  The final 30 minutes of the rehearsal will be a dry run of all the songs.  You should know the music completely when you arrive for rehearsal.


What do I need to do to audition?

  • Sign-up to audition by completing the Arts Interest Form or by contacting Brian Cropp  at 817.535.5555 x135 or and let him know that you would like to audition.
  • Relax, and come to the audition ready to have fun and do your best!