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Box Office Wisdom   Jun 3 - Jul 15
This summer experience some of the biggest movies of the summer, what messages they contain, and how well they square with the truths of Scripture.

Pursuing Real Joy   May 6 - May 27
The New Testament letter to the Philippians has been called the most joyful letter Paul wrote... and he wrote it while in a Roman prison! How was he able to be joyful, and ask others to be joyful, when his life was so hard? Can you get some of that? That what this series is all about :)

The Forgotten Gospel   Apr 1 - Apr 29
What does "church" mean? A place to hear spiritual messages? A squeaky-clean social club? A place to raise well-behaved children? The Bible says the church is much larger and more impactful than the images we tend to have. In this message series, we will look at what the Bible says the church really is.

The Bloody Bible   Mar 4 - Mar 25
What's up with all of the blood in the Bible? Between animal sacrifices, wars, and crucifixion, it could seem God is just bloodthirsty. In this series, we will look at the causes for the blood in the Bible and its impact on how we relate to God and to others.

The Next Level   Feb 4 - Feb 25
Words like "fellowship" and "community" get used a lot to talk about the life of a church. But what does that actually mean? And what does the Bible say will take church community to "the next level"?

Traction   Jan 7 - Jan 28
Feeling stuck? Want to get forward motion in your life? In this series, you will learn from the Bible God's ways to stop spinning your wheels and get moving.

Whole 31   Dec 31
Want to get 2018 off to a good start?  In this message, you'll hear about a habit that you can start or refresh this year to see real traction and growth spiritually in the New Year.

Hymns Vol. 2   Nov 12 - Dec 10
Do the songs of the past still hold relevance for us today? Many of the old songs point to allusions from the Bible from which we can gain perspectives and encouragement in our spiritual journey. Join us as we explore what these old songs have to tell us.

The Secret Sauce   Sep 10 - Oct 29
In the teachings of the New Testament, seven vital ingredients bubble to the top which makes our relationships sweeter and life more flavorful.

Living Beyond   Aug 13 - Sep 3
So much of the time we spend our lives at the edge of what's possible - not enough time, not enough money, not enough connections, not enough skill, not enough...

In this series, we look at a different perspective. One that sees our lives as living - not just for today - but beyond all time.

39th Anniversary   Aug 6
39 is old in some cases and young in others. What do the past 39 years of ministry mean for the future of Hope Church? Listen to Senior Pastor Harold Bullock talk about what remains unchanging about Hope and what is the most important ingredient to a lasting ministry.

Box Office Wisdom   Jul 2 - Jul 30
Movies are the most popular way our culture tells tales of love, valor, teamwork, scandal, and more. In each story is a perspective from the creative artists about how life works or should work. God's story to us, the Bible, contains His perspective on how life works too. Join us this summer as we look at these perspectives and see what we can apply to our day-to-day life.

Epic Story   Apr 16 - Jun 25
Knowing what God is doing in the big picture of history inspires us to take our place in God’s great story. The God of the Bible -the center of history- is the same God to whom we can respond and entrust ourselves, and who can help us now and into eternity.

Dominoes   Feb 13 - Apr 9
Everyone wants a successful life, but if we mishandle the 10 major arenas of life they will have a cascading effect to pull us away from success. In this series, we look at each of those arenas, their effect on the other arenas, and what the Bible says to avoid trouble.

Planting Seeds of Hope in Kansas City   Feb 5
Associate Pastor Christian Williams will be moving soon with his family to take on the role of Senior Pastor at The Grove church in Kansas City. Hear their story of how God led them to this point, learn how you can pray for them, and discover how God works in everyday people's lives.

Sundays   Jan 8 - Jan 29
There are 52 Sundays each year, and while what happens at church each week is purposeful, after a while we tend to forget why we do what we do. In this series, we will look at four elements of our Sunday morning and why we do them according the the Bible.

Everything Is Awesome   Jan 1
Is this going to be your best year ever? Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, in this message, you will hear what the Bible says for how we can move with confidence into the future.

It's Christmas   Dec 18 - Dec 25
Christmas is a time for family, traditions, and warm emotions, and according to the Bible, it is about so much more.

Hymns: Behind the Music   Nov 13 - Dec 11
The songs of the past still hold relevance for us today as they point to allusions from the Bible.

Teaming for a Bigger Vision   Nov 6
Guest Speaker Josh De La Rosa talks about starting his church, Orangecrest Community Church, and how partnering with others through the years has lead to many people starting new lives through Jesus Christ in the Riverside, California area.

God and Government   Oct 2 - Oct 30
According to the Bible, all governments are established by God. However, there are better and worse ways to establish a government in ways to honor God and help its people flourish. In this series, we will examine biblical principles behind a God-honoring government and how to rightly function in an imperfect one.

In the Ring: Winning in Marriage   Sep 11 - Sep 25
Marriage does not need to be a boxing match with each other's expectations. Beyond survival, discover how you can win at marriage.

Unleashed: Letting the Gospel Loose   Aug 14 - Sep 4
In Christ is the power for honest-to-goodness life transformation. As His followers we are to let as many people know about what a life lived for Him can bring to pass. In this series we will see not only what Christ does in a life, but also gain helpful tools for letting others know how to live a God-transformed life.

38th Anniversary   Aug 7
God has been faithful to us as we have sought to expand His kingdom in the world. Where are we headed next? Find out in this message from our Sr. Pastor Harold Bullock.

Box Office Wisdom   Jun 5 - Jul 31
Movies are the most popular way our culture tells tales of love, valor, teamwork, scandal, and more. In each story is a perspective from the creative artists about how life works or should work. God's story to us, the Bible, contains His perspective on how life works too. Join us this summer as we look at these perspectives and see what we can apply to our day-to-day life.

Walking Worthy   May 1 - May 29
In his first letter to the church in Thessolonica, the Apostle Paul how we can partner together as a church to walk worthy of the calling God has placed on us to follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Urban Legands   Mar 27 - Apr 24
"Thou shalt not judge!" Does the Bible REALLY say that? What else have we been believing as principles from the Bible, that are less than accurate?

The Standard   Feb 28 - Mar 20
The Bible has a long history that spans many millennia. It is loved by many. It is also often misunderstood. But what would it look life if a 21st century life was built on what it says?

Worship and the Real World   Feb 14 - Feb 21
How do you take the experience in a Sunday morning church service and apply that to everyday living?

This Side Up   Feb 7
Randy Lanthripe, Executive Director of the 17:6 Network and Sr. Pastor of Church in the Valley, presents an overview of the progress of the Network over the past year.

Ready. Set. Go!   Jan 10 - Jan 31
In order to start your new year off on the right foot, this series sets up a solid foundation for your habits, your relationships, time, and money.

Vision for This Year   Jan 3
Many things can impair our vision where we are headed into the future. What do we need in order to better align ourselves with God's plans?

Gratitude   Dec 27
Gratitude is something we all need, but it's easy to lose track of in our busy lives. What are the benefits of gratitude and how can gratitude become a habit?

Family Christmas 2015   Dec 20
The message of the coming Savior, Jesus Christ, was given throughout the Old Testament. This Christmas, we remember the coming of the Messiah as told through the Bible.

The Generosity Ladder   Nov 15 - Dec 13
Ladders help us extend our reach. The "generosity ladder" provides reach into all arenas of life.

Rise Above   Sep 13 - Nov 8
How do we team together in a way that honors God, benefits others, and protects relationships for decades?

Turning Point   Sep 6
Answering the call and changing the direction of your life can make all the difference in seeing significant progress on your spiritual journey.

The Call   Aug 2 - Aug 30
Getting a 'call' from God is not always a call to take a radical path in life. Sometimes it is something much more simple... like a step.

Partners in the Gospel   Jul 26

Box Office Wisdom   May 24 - Jul 19

Spiritual Urban Legends   Apr 5 - May 17

Unmasking God   Feb 8 - Mar 29

Turning the World Upside Down   Feb 1

Riding the Rails   Jan 4 - Jan 25