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Service Times Sundays, 8:30, 10 & 11:30am Identical services, 60 minutes each

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Box Office Wisdom

Box Office Wisdom

Movies are the most popular way our culture tells tales of love, valor, teamwork, scandal, and more. In each story is a perspective from the creative artists about how life works or should work. God's story to us, the Bible, contains His perspective on how life works too. Join us this summer as we look at these perspectives and see what we can apply to our day-to-day life.


Taking Sophia to the Movies – Jun 5 Both Wisdom and Folly present a strong opinion about what leads to the best kind of life. This is also true in the movies we enjoy. How do we tell the difference? PDF

Weathering the Storms of Life – Jun 12 When weathering the storms of life, how you choose to respond can either help you move forward or get you stuck. How can you rely on God and choose to learn through the circumstances? PDF

Battling Bad Theology – Jun 19 We often make God into a puny little demi-god who needs our help to save the world. But in truth, God is much bigger than that. What can we do to lift our eyes to see who He really is? And how can we expand our understanding and knowledge of Him? PDF

Overcoming Deception – Jun 26 Deception can rule our lives in ways we never imagined. And if we aren't careful, we can go as far as to deceive ourselves. So what can we do to overcome deception? PDF

Finding Family – Jul 3 God created our lives around families, and for some very specific reasons. In this message you'll learn some of those purposes and how they highlight what it means to be a part of God's larger family. PDF

Plan to Fight Reoccurring Trouble – Jul 10 It's not a matter if trouble will return, but when. What does the Bible say about how to prepare for trouble so that we are in a better position to withstand it? PDF

When Your Past Catches Up to You – Jul 17 We all have a choice how we handle it when our past comes to visit. Will we hide from it and pray that our past never comes to light, or will be trust God to do something out if it? PDF

Leading Hopefully – Jul 24 Hope is a positive word that can mean almost whatever you want. How can the hope described in the Bible help you lead effectively and not fall prey to wishful thinking? PDF

The Truth of Your Identity – Jul 31 All of us experiences moments when it seems like someone has hijacked our future and life spins in a different direction than we planned. It leaves us asking, "Who am I?" What does the Bible say about where we find our identity? PDF

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