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God and Government

God and Government

According to the Bible, all governments are established by God. However, there are better and worse ways to establish a government in ways to honor God and help its people flourish. In this series, we will examine biblical principles behind a God-honoring government and how to rightly function in an imperfect one.


Truth and Justice – Oct 2 Truth is reality, right? Some might disagree. Depending on how you define what and what isn't true says a lot about how effectively you'll be able to decipher the many messages we get from media and government. PDF

Justice and Law – Oct 9 Why are laws necessary? Are laws necessary? Can you have a just society without laws? In this message Sr. Pastor Harold Bullock shows what the biblical foundation is for laws that govern any society. PDF

Government the Servant – Oct 16 According to the Bible, government is necessary, but it has limits. What are those limits, and how do we help to make a government that can be blessed by God?

God and Politics – Oct 23 The political system is more a beauty contest than a debate of important issues. As Christ-followers how can we get past the hype and make a God-honoring vote in November? PDF

God and Government: The Challenge – Oct 30 As Christ-followers it is our obligation to be as informed about what shapes our culture so we can be salt and light in it. In this message, we zoom up to see not just candidates and elections, but the direction our culture has been moving for the last 150 years. PDF

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