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Spiritual Urban Legands

Spiritual Urban Legands

"Thou shalt not judge!" Does the Bible REALLY say that? What else have we been believing as principles from the Bible, that are less than accurate?


Why Jesus Had To Die – Mar 27 In this message celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, we look at the reasons Christ's sacrifice was even necessary and what our response should be to His gift of reconciliation. PDF

You Shouldn't Judge – Apr 3 We are told we shouldn't judge, but is there a better way to get a good read on life that doesn't involve acting superior to others? PDF

That's Just How I Am – Apr 10 What is the truth in the idea, "That's just how I am"? Where did that message come from, and how do we find the change to be different than we are? PDF

It's the Thought that Counts – Apr 17 There are two sides to this common legend - a partially true side and a blatantly insincere side. What does the Bible have to say about how we handle our actions and our motives? PDF

If it Feels Good, it Must be Right – Apr 24 There is a danger in basing too much our decision making in how we feel at any given moment. What does the Bible say about a better way to make difficult choices? PDF

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