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Service Times Sundays, 8:30, 10 & 11:30am Identical services, 60 minutes each

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Rise Above

Rise Above

How do we team together in a way that honors God, benefits others, and protects relationships for decades?


Kingdom Culture – Sep 13 Because of God's magnificence, our service to Him should be to a higher standard through our gratitude. PDF

Faith: A Different Look – Sep 20 Obedience to and trust in God leads to a life of faith that allows circumstances to been seen in different and better ways. PDF

Humility: Rising Above Selfie Syndrome – Sep 27 Widening our perspective to think about others more and ourselves less leads to long-lasting benefits now and later. PDF

Teachability: The Only Shortcut in Life – Oct 4 It's the things you don't know that will truly stop your ability to grow and to relate well with others. PDF

Patience: Waiting While We Work – Oct 11 Waiting for the next phase of life can be trying, but repeatedly God says that good things come to those that wait. PDF

Serving – Oct 18 Serving is something that is at the very heart of God. As we join together and serve we set the example of Christ Himself in the world. PDF

The Value of People – Oct 25 When working with people it is very easy to treat other people as tools instead of people. As we grow in God's perspective, He helps us see people more like He does. PDF

Excellence – Nov 1 All of our work is "to the Lord," and should be pretty good with the resources available... and a little better next time. PDF

Choices That Make a Difference – Nov 8 God presents us with constant opportunities to help us grow in our faithfulness to Him, to others, and to His church. PDF

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