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The Standard

The Standard

The Bible has a long history that spans many millennia. It is loved by many. It is also often misunderstood. But what would it look life if a 21st century life was built on what it says?


Build Your Life on the Rock – Feb 28 Everything is built by a standard. To what standard is a life to be built? PDF

How Can I Trust the Bible? – Mar 6 The Bible is an ancient book of myths and outdated moral sayings, right? Far from it! Listen to discover how the Bible is more reliable than any other ancient text and more practical than any book on Amazon. PDF

The Bible- Seriously? – Mar 13 We often just use it to justify my own desires instead of taking the Bible for what it actually means. So, how can I take the Bible seriously? PDF

The Focus of the Bible - Jesus Christ – Mar 20 The entire Bible places Jesus Christ at the center focus of God's message to mankind. What does this mean for us today? PDF

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