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Epic Story

Epic Story

Knowing what God is doing in the big picture of history inspires us to take our place in God’s great story. The God of the Bible -the center of history- is the same God to whom we can respond and entrust ourselves, and who can help us now and into eternity.


A Story That Resonates – Apr 16 The day of the resurrection, Jesus appears veiled before two men walking along a road. They were discussing all of the events that had recently been unfolding. This same God who they encountered on the road has a story that resonates in our hearts as we hear and personally identify with His great story. PDF

The Grand Opening – Apr 23 In the beginning of this story, we see the eternal uncreated God create an inhabitable planet prepared for His prized creation. They were flesh and blood living beings who would bear His image before creation. God related to them and gave a mandate set direction for the focus of their lives. PDF

Fall Apart – May 1 Everything in the story takes a major turn with the introduction of a villain and human rebellion. Despite the boundaries, relationship, and provisions, the first man and woman decided to rebel from God resulting in severe consequences. Surprisingly we are reminded here that even when things fall apart, God’s love and perfect plan prevails. PDF

Chosen but Struggling – May 7 The first family moves on and multiplies as God had commanded. Sin shows up right away in the next generation and has been a problem ever since. PDF

The Rescue – May 14 We see that God keeps His promises as He enacts an epic rescue to pull His people out of oppressive captivity. PDF

Life's Battlefield – May 21 Throughout the Bible, we see that we are in a fight (Cosmic War – Ephesians 6). We are always facing opposition (Flesh, World, Devil) and if we will battle effectively as He directs, He gives the victory. PDF

True to Real – May 28 We take a brief pause on the Epic Story of the Bible to hear how the student of the Hope Student Ministry (HSM) are applying biblical principles to their own stories. In a phrase, they see how the teaching of the Bible moves from true to real. PDF

Leadership – Jun 4 Leadership is something we see wired into creation. Good leadership's influence provides protection and God blesses and guides through it. Look at the first three kinds of Israel and see how their view of God and their responsibilities gives insight to how we should lead today. PDF

Redemption – Jun 11 When God’s people were floundering in sin and lacking reliable leadership, God Himself stepped into human history. The climax of Jesus' life was when he willingly suffered and died to pay for mankind’s rebellion. PDF

The Church – Jun 18 After Jesus ascended to the Father, He passed a baton to the disciples. They were to group followers of Christ into churches that were to do very specific things. Through these Churches, God's epic story continues on today. PDF

Eternity – Jun 25 In the future, God will wrap up the story of the earth as we know it. He will deal with the problems that have plagued mankind. The curses will be reversed and we see God setting up a future with His people. PDF

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