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Current Series

Pursuing Real Joy

Pursuing Real Joy

The New Testament letter to the Philippians has been called the most joyful letter Paul wrote... and he wrote it while in a Roman prison! How was he able to be joyful, and ask others to be joyful, when his life was so hard? Cna you get some of that? That what this series is all about :)


Real Concern – May 6 One aspect of Paul's enduring joy was what his main concern in life was. This is a very challenging perspective shift that shifts our vision to a brand new plane. PDF

Real Heroes – May 13 Looking at chapter 2 of Philippians, we note that Paul gives us an example of four different people he considers heroes of the faith, but also qualities that ever true hero shows off. PDF

Real Goal – May 20 Often we have so many goals in life - things we work toward, hoping they will happen. However, disappointment seems to be more common than joy. To what goal should we aim our lives, then, if we hope to get real joy? PDF