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Current Series

The Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce

In the teachings of the New Testament, seven vital ingredients bubble to the top which makes our relationships sweeter and life more flavorful.


The Greatest – Sep 10 There is a framework of three concepts in the Bible for The Secret Sauce. What are they, and how does our perspective on these concepts change how I see life? PDF

The Interest of Others – Sep 17 The first ingredient of the secret sauce is a thickener that binds the rest of the ingredients together. PDF

Open and Honest – Sep 24 The second ingredient is a clarifier that helps the other ingredients work well together under pressure. PDF

Correction – Oct 1 The third ingredient has a tangy bite to it, but without the bite, the sweeter tones of the sauce don't come out nearly as well. PDF

Clearing Up Relationships – Oct 8 The fourth ingredient adds the sweetness - not just at the first taste, but for a long time afterward. PDF

Participate in the Ministry – Oct 15 The fifth ingredient adds body to the make the who sauce work together. PDF