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Service Times Sundays, 8:30, 10 & 11:30am Identical services, 60 minutes each

More About Who We Are


In 1970, Harold Bullock, the founding and senior pastor of Hope Church, was working on his doctorate in physical chemistry at USC when he got straightened out with the Lord and began learning to walk with Him. During that pivotal year, God directed Harold away from his work in chemistry and toward the ministry. In the early 1970’s Harold began working in campus ministry where he met and soon married his wife, Deborah. After working in student and director level ministry, God then led Harold and Deborah to move to Ft. Worth to do graduate work in Theology.

After graduating in 1977, Harold and Deborah and a team of 13 others launched Hope Church with the goal and desire to be both a blessing and a help to the community of Fort Worth. For many people in the Metroplex, church just didn’t make sense. It didn’t seem to relate to their everyday lives. Hope was launched to show how the Bible has real help for real people, and to communicate it in a way that makes sense. There was also the goal to see other churches and ministries like Hope started around the nation and beyond.

The first years of Hope were spent laying a solid foundation for the church and reaching out to the community. Many people joined Hope and families began to grow. One of the things that had been on Harold’s heart was to see people get trained to start churches and ministries around the US and world. During the 1980’s people began to go out from the ministry here and start churches and ministries on the west and east coasts and in major cities in the US and to start ministries around the world.

For the first 20 years, Hope was a mobile church and met in a variety of different venues around town. They had wanted to be in rental property in order to train people in starting churches. In the 1990s, Hope Church had grown to the point that renting was no longer an option. The opportunity to purchase the current property, which once had been the largest bowling center in north Texas before it was damaged in a hail storm in 1995, became a reality in 1996.

As the church moved into the 2000s they continued major outreach to the community. In 2008, Hope had it’s 30th Anniversary. At that time, they looked back on what God had done through the lives of people at Hope, and documented more than 200 congregations that had been started in the US and around the world by people who had gone out from Hope and by people from Hope who trained others to start churches and ministries. People from Hope had also gone out to serve in 34 countries around the world.

Today at Hope, we are looking forward to what God has for us in the future. There is a lot we would like to do with the time and resources God gives us. We would love to see the church grow and see people in the Metroplex find real help through the Bible and a personal commitment to Christ. Also, we would like to help people meet real friends who will walk through life with them. Additionally, we want to see more churches developed in new places and countries. This would involve our continuation of training up men and women to go out from Hope and make an impact with their lives for God’s Kingdom.