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The best ways to stay connected with Hope Church

Marriage Webinar

Get a spotlight on how the Heart Attitudes apply specifically to marriage. This webinar will be presented by Dr. Nathan Lewis.

You can learn more by clicking the button below.

Fall Groups

The fall catalog of groups is hot off the press. Sign up early to get the most out of the church-wide study of the Heart Attitudes and stay connected with people who will strengthen your spiritual growth.

To see the full catalog click the button below.


The START HERE experience is a 4-week tour where you'll get a better vision for how your spiritual journey with Christ will be strengthened and supported at Hope Church.

Following Christ

If you have (or know someone who has) ever wondered what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, what is involved, or how does one start following, this page has some helpful resources to help provide more information.

Quiet Time Course

In this short, 4-part video course, you will learn why spending consistent time with God through prayer and Bible-reading is so important to your spiritual development... and you'll even have the opportunity to try one out with training wheels on!


If you have (or know about) prayer concerns, major life events (weddings, births, deaths, surgeries, etc.), or other needs of which you want to make the Hope Church staff aware, please email

During this COVID-19 period, you can also use that email address to let the staff know about ways you would like to help those in need.

Helpful (Social) Media

Here is a list of the different ways you can get helpful content from Hope Church staff for you, and ways you can share with those you know to invite them to discover and experience God's ways for themselves.

Messages Page

The messages page on is an archive of past Sunday morning messages.

They are listed by series title. Coming soon will be playlists based on speaker.

You can watch and listen to the sermon as well as download the listening guide as a PDF.


You can pop in your ear buds and listen to the messages from Hope Church and this is an easy way to share the messages with friends. Subscribe, rate/review, and share.





Subscribe, watch, comment on the different videos on our channel. In fact, subscribing is the best way to know when we have new videos available.

You can also share messages from Hope Church you find helpful with those you know.


Our Facebook page is currently where you can see the live videos from Pastor Harold and Matt weekdays around 12:15pm. They are going live with brief messages of encouragement and helpful perspective to love God's ways in practical life.


Experience the fun and delight that is a part of life at Hope Church by following us on Instagram! There is a daily dose of humor, encouragement, and faces of people you know.