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Service Times Sundays, 8:30, 10 & 11:30am Identical services, 60 minutes each

Next Steps with God

Becoming a Follower of Christ

You begin to follow Jesus Christ when you yield to him.  You decide that you will stop doing life your way and start doing life his way.

God lays out his will for us in the Bible.  You begin to follow Jesus when you start living by God’s standards and his guidelines for your life instead of insisting on living your own way.

Many people believe that some god exists.  Others believe that Jesus Christ is God.  However, it is when a person believes in Jesus Christ to the extent he starts to obey that he actually connects with Christ and becomes His follower.

Someone may feel too weak to follow Christ. However, if you will genuinely surrender to follow him, he will begin to provide power to you.

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