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Re-Open - FAQ

On the whole, we recommend that you follow the recommendations of the CDC and our state and city when it comes to when and how to gather back together at Hope Church. Below are some quick answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we've received.

What Will Worship Look Like?

Short Answer... very different... and pretty much the same.

We will start letting people into the building at 9:45am. There will be masks available for you to wear (you are also welcome to bring your own).

There will be no nametags.

Barriers will be set up to keep everyone on the western end of the building. The Kids area and Main Street Cafe will be blocked off. Only restrooms on the western end of Main Street will be open for use.

Once inside, you'll be guided to Town Hall. Rows of chairs will be taped off where people may not sit in order to keep proper social distance between groups. Households may sit together. If a group does not take up a full row, please leave a 2-chair gap between you and the next group.

The worship service will consist of a few songs with minimal instrumentation, announcements, and a message from Lead Pastor Matt Sturdevant. The length of the service should be around 45 minutes.

When the service is over, the Town Hall Team will let the congregation our row-by-row. Please go directly to the parking lot once you leave the service. We will lock up the building by 11:30am.

For other procedural information, please check our re-open page.

May I sit with my friends?

We recommend sitting with households as the people living under the roof are likely safe to each other. This would obviously include families living together, but also roommates.

But, if there are people you feel comfortable sitting with even though they do not live with you, please meet up in the parking lot before entering the building and then stay together the rest of the time inside.

May I Bring My Kids?

The short answer is... YES!

The long answer: They will need to stay with you the whole time inside the building. We will have a wiggle room set up for wiggly kids, an additional changing station in the western men's restroom, and the Mommy and Me Nursery will be available. The service will run roughly 45 minutes and targeted at adults. If your child(ren) tends to need to move around, the wiggle room is your best option.

Whatever you choose to do is good by us! We will be happy to worship with you.

Children's Ministry Director Rhonda Gayle will send other specific things to consider for parents in the days leading up to June 7.

Am I a Bad Parent if I Bring/Don't Bring My Kid?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: You have been given the stewardship and authority over your child(ren) by God. As a church, we won't overstep that stewardship and tell you what God wants you to do in this case. All we will do is advise you as parent(s) to speak to God and to each other and make your decision. We agree that you need to do what you feel/think is best for your family in these specific circumstances.

Do I Have to Wear a Mask?

We are asking everyone to wear a mask while inside our building (this includes Town Hall worship) to respect everyone's sensitivities. Please also do your best to maintain the minimum six (6) feet social distance between people of different households.

People singing and presenting from the stage will not wear masks. They will be well over 6 feet from the front row and will be within safe social distances

If I Am Over 65 Will You Send Me Home?

Assuming you are in good health, have not been around anyone with an active contagious disease of any kind for a reasonable period of time, and are willing to come out and worship at the building on June 7, we will not stop you. Just like with the parenting questions above, we feel this decision falls inside your stewardship and not the church's.

What If I Am a Healthcare Worker?

Assuming you are of good health and have not been around any active cases of COVID-19 or any other contagious diseases for a reasonable amount of time, we would enjoy worshiping with you. But again, this is between you and God. If you show up, we will assume you are where you need to be.