SUNDAY WORSHIP: Online every 2 hours starting at 6:00 a.m. - In-person 10:00 a.m. (1750 Beach St.)

Re-Open - FAQ

How to prep for Sunday

Below are some quick answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we've received.

UPDATE: What Will Worship Look Like?

Short Answer... getting closer to the old normal all the time.

Please wear a mask while you are inside the building. If you forget yours, there will be masks available for you to wear.

Limited beverage service is available at the Main St. Cafe. We will happy to serve you a hot coffee, iced water, your choice of hot tea, hot apple cider, or hot chocolate (no charge!). Feel free to enjoy your beverage on Main St. and in the worship room of your choice.

Join us for worship in Town Hall (our main auditorium) or one of the satellite rooms. Our satellite rooms are perfect for more social distancing and for worship with kids that are not ready to hang out in our kid's program. Households may sit together. If a group does not take up a full row, please leave a 1-chair gap between you and the next group.

The worship service will consist of 1-2 songs, announcements, a message from Lead Pastor Matt Sturdevant or one of our Associate Pastors, a time to take some next steps from the message, and one final song. The length of the service should be around 60 minutes.

When the service is over, feel free to catch up with friends on Main St.

Kids' and student ministries are up and running (see information below).

May I sit with my friends?

We recommend sitting by household, as the people living under the same roof are likely safer to each other. This would obviously include families living together, but also roommates.

May I Bring My Kids?

The short answer is... YES!

The long answer: Get more information about what the check-in process will look like here.

Am I a Bad Parent if I Bring/Don't Bring My Kid?

Short Answer: No.

Long Answer: You have been given the stewardship and authority over your child(ren) by God. As a church, we won't overstep that stewardship and tell you what God wants you to do in this case. All we will do, is advise you as parent(s) to speak to God and to each other and then, make your decision. We agree that you need to do what you feel/think is best for your family in these specific circumstances. This is a "no-criticism" zone.

Do I Have to Wear a Mask?

We are asking everyone to wear a mask while inside our building (this includes Town Hall worship) to respect everyone's sensitivities.

People singing and presenting from the stage will not wear masks. They will be well over 6 feet from the front row and will be within safe social distances

If I Am Over 65 Will You Send Me Home?

Assuming you are in good health, have not been around anyone with an active contagious disease of any kind for a reasonable period of time, and are willing to come out and worship at the building, we will not stop you. Just like with the parenting questions above, we feel this decision falls inside your stewardship and not the church's.

What If I Am a Healthcare Worker?

Assuming you are of good health and have not been around any active cases of COVID-19 or any other contagious diseases for a reasonable amount of time, we would enjoy worshiping with you. But again, this is between you and God. If you show up, we will assume you are where you need to be.