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The Battle for the Worlds

The Battle for the Worlds - ACT 1
The Battle for the Worlds - Act 2


Based on the book The Battle for the Worlds by Sr. Pastor Harold Bullock...

When Mark, a curious young man, encounters a strange marble from another dimension he is amazed by his magical powers. Soon he is confronted by a shifty alien names Badrin who attempts to con Mark to give up the marble, but between good council from his mother and Dr. Taylor, Mark is able to hold Badrin off.

Enter Kintras, who tells Mark that he comes from the same place as Badrin and tells Mark about the marble (the Stone of Rangilor), its powers, and why Badrin wants the Stone so badly. Kintras tells Mark that he too wants the Stone, but Mark will have to give it up of his own free will and Kintras will not attempt to steal it from him.

Mark has time to think over the deal. He gets council, tests the power of the Stone, and finally decides what he will do with the Stone.

Does he give the Stone to Kintras? Does he keep and take over the world? These questions and more will be answered when you join the adventure...