Prepare them for life with God

They grow up fast

You want to set up your teen for success as they prepare for life ahead.
But with their busy schedules, classes, and friends, you know you can't do it alone.

Knowing God

Our Sunday and mid-week gatherings provide your 6th-12th grader with practical tools from the Bible that will help them grow in character at home, school, and when you're not there.

Hanging Out

Friends are an important part of adolescence and your child can find people like them to team with as they get ready to launch.

Life Skills

Throughout the year, your student will have opportunities to learn new real-world skills and apply what they learn at church in practical everyday situations with mentoring.

Get the most out of your experience


Get ready to show up on a Sunday to start adventure.


Knowing others and being known are the fast-track to seeing positive growth.


Apply the practical tools in different circumstances and grow confidence in God's ways.

What the people are saying...

Curtis B.

If you are looking for a place where what they say and what they do match, this is that place. 

Benjamin H.

Solid teaching, caring people, and an excellent facility. 

Randy G.

Fantastic church, friendly, We have honestly found a Church with the family values we believe in. 

Let's do this!

Check us out this Sunday!