Marriage Mistake #1 - Things just seem to be getting worse no matter what we do.

The Mistake

The mistake is working hard at the WRONG things. This is easy to fall into if both marriage partners are haphazardly letting life happen to their relationship. Common symptoms are:

  • No clear mission
  • No game plan
  • No "marriage manual"
  • Not on the same page

The effects of this mistake is that you often end up working against each other and spinning your wheels. You fall into the default mode of the culture and the people around you:

  • How your parents related to each other
  • Personal selfishness
  • And/or going along with the latest trend in relating.

It feels like you are swimming upstream without a paddle! You're working so hard to make the marriage work, but you don't see much progress.

What to Do

In short, work hard at the RIGHT things. Work at building each other up and seek the other person's good rather than your own good.
  • Know what the Bible says about marriage
  • Commit to what the Bible says about the marriage relationship and roles
  • Determine to work together to do the right things
  • Keep learning about each other and what makes for a God-honoring marriage
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