Marriage Mistake #10 - She won't have sex. / He won't talk.

The Msitake

Confusion about sex and intimacy
  • She thinks, "If he really cared about me, he'd take time to show affection by talking to me without the pressure of sex."
  • He thinks, "If she really loved me, she would want me and want to please me."
  • Both are not thinking about the needs of the other

The Effects

Frustration, hurt, and blame
  • Playing guessing games
  • Using each other
  • Manipulation
  • Lashing out

What to Do

Strive to achieve intimacy in your marriage at every level.
  • Levels of intimacy (emotional, social, sexual, recreational, intellectual, spiritual.
  • Understand the differences between men and women sexually (needs, response cycle, etc.)
  • He needs sex.
  • She needs affection.
  • He needs to be appreciated and admired; she needs to be cherished and cared for.
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