Feeling Hopeless? Discover the Key to a Transformed Life

Have you ever felt stuck in life, wondering if change is even possible? Maybe you've been seeking hope and purpose but coming up empty. If so, you're not alone. At Hope Church, we've been learning about how to move forward and experience real transformation through following Jesus. But what does that actually look like?

The Two Sides of Faith

I like to think of the Christian life as a coin with two sides. On one side, Jesus is our Savior. That means he died for our sins and offers us forgiveness and a new life. But the other side of the coin is equally important: Jesus is our Lord.

Lordship is the recognition and willing acceptance of Jesus Christ as the supreme authority and ruler over one's life. It's not just a one-time decision but a continual process that involves ongoing surrender and obedience.

In other words, being a Christian isn't just about what Jesus did for us in the past. It's about how we live for him in the present. It's a lifelong journey of following Jesus and letting him lead.

When you think about your spiritual journey, have you embraced both sides of who Jesus is - Savior and Lord? What might change if you fully surrendered to his leadership?

Discipleship: The Path of Transformation

This process of following Jesus is what the Bible calls discipleship. It's the process of transformation by which someone who has put their faith and trust in Jesus for forgiveness and eternal life grows in their relationship with him and matures in their faith, becoming more and more like Jesus in character and conduct.

In other words, discipleship is how we grow and change to become more like Jesus over time. It's not a one-time prayer or emotional experience. It's a daily commitment to walk with him and be transformed from the inside out.

So what does this transformation look like? I believe it involves growth in three key areas:
  1. Knowledge - learning more about God and his truth
  2. Character - becoming more like Jesus in our attitudes and actions
  3. Skill - growing in our ability to serve God and others

In which of these three areas do you most need to grow right now? What is one practical step you could take to strengthen your knowledge, character, or skills?

Obedience: The Key to Change

Throughout the message, I kept coming back to one word: obedience. I'm convinced that obedience is the portal to divine disclosure. In other words, when we obey what God has already shown us, he reveals more of himself and his plan to us.

It's easy to overcomplicate the Christian life. But at its core, following Jesus is about simple (but not always easy) obedience. It's about doing what he says, even when it's hard. It's about taking the next right step, even when we can't see the whole path ahead.

A disciple is someone who follows Jesus, is changed by Jesus, and is committed to his mission. Disciples need to grow and continue to grow and change in their knowledge, character, and skills. Our response is to obey and keep taking the next steps.

Is there an area of your life where you know you need to obey Jesus but have been reluctant? What's holding you back from fully surrendering to him?

Your Next Step

Friend, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, Jesus invites you to experience the abundant life he offers. It won't always be easy, but you don't have to stay stuck. If you feel God nudging you to trust Jesus for the first time, get baptized, join a group, serve others, or something else - take that step!

Don't wait for a dramatic one-time experience. Commit to the ongoing, daily process of obedience, and watch how God will grow you in ways you never imagined. Your next step matters.

At Hope Church, we're all about helping people follow Jesus one step at a time. Whether you've been seeking God for years or are just starting to explore faith, you're welcome here. We'd love to come alongside you and support you in your spiritual growth.

So what's your next step?

Take a moment to pray and ask God to show you one practical way you can obey him this week. Then commit to taking that step, whether it's attending church, reading the Bible, serving someone in need, or something else. Remember, transformation happens one step at a time.

If you're in the Fort Worth area, I invite you to join us at Hope Church this weekend. We have services at 9:30 or 11:00 a.m., and I would love to meet you. No matter your background or beliefs, you're welcome here. Come as you are and discover the hope and purpose Jesus offers.

Let's keep moving forward together, one step at a time. Discipleship isn't easy, but it's worth it. Let's embrace the adventure of following Jesus and watch him transform us from the inside out.

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