Marriage Mistake #7 - If only my spouse would just change...

The Mistake

Trying to change my spouse
  • Expecting your spouse to change things they can't or shouldn't change
  • Not accepting and appreciating legitimate differences
  • Not working on changing those things about yourself that need to change

The Effects

Frustration, conflict, and stagnation
  • The more you try to change your spouse, the more likely they are NOT to change
  • Neither of you changes
  • Resentment build
  • Both become stubborn, and the relationship gets stuck

What to Do

Strive to understand, accept, and appreciate your spouse's strengths while working to know, understand, and change your own short-comings
  • Work on yourself FIRST
    • Stop trying to change your spouse
    • What about YOU needs to change?
  • Focus on understanding, accepting, appreciating, and building up your spouse
    • As a man or a woman
    • Their personality
    • Their maturity
    • Their emotional make-up
    • Their communication style
    • Their giftedness

Most importantly, speak truth in love
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