Marriage Mistake #8 - No, thank you. We can handle it ourselves.

The Mistake

Determining to do marriage alone, without help from others
  • Refusing help when it's offered
  • Not asking for help when it's needed
  • Waiting too long to ask for help that is needed
  • Hanging around the wrong people or not hanging around the right people

The Effects

You are more likely to do a lot of stupid things by mistake that hurt the marriage and make things worse.
  • You won't realize how ignorant about marriage you really are
  • You'll default to do what you know, thinking it is right when it isn't
  • People will offer all kinds of advice that may or may not be helpful
  • You'll get locked into a cycle of pride, mistakes, damage, and stubbornness

What to Do

Swallow your pride and GET HELP!
  • Don't wait until you're in crisis or things are bad
  • Connect with a group of people who can both tell you and show you how to relate rightly
  • Learn to be open and honest with people who can help you
  • ASK for help
  • Accept help when offered
  • Be open to correction
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