Marriage Mistake #5 - He won't LEAD! / She won't FOLLOW!

The Mistake

  • Roles are undefined (not sure who does what and why)
  • Roles are blurred (negotiated or wrong)
  • Roles are crossed
    • Wife tries to lead instead of following
    • Husband follows instead of leads

The Effects

You both become less than what God intended as a man and woman, and lose respect for one another over time
  • The wife becomes
    • Controlling
    • Focused on the kids,
    • Grows increasingly more bitter
  • The husband withdraws more and more into work or play and grows
    • Cold and hard
    • Gives up
    • Stops contributing meaningfully
    • Stops fighting her

What to Do

Assume and fulfill the roles God has assigned each of you in the marriage
  • Know and understand what the Bible says about your prescribed roles (it's clear; they are distinct)
    • Difference is by God's design.
    • The difference is consistent with the roles God created in marriage.
  • Trust God as you faithfully fulfill your assigned roles.
    • Husbands LEAD!
    • Wives FOLLOW!
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